Windows host process rundll32.exe Error

After a long time once again we are sharing a new window guide on Windows host process rundll32.exe. Rundll presence in windows will be in various methods of task bar where as Task bar manager tools present in such a way that, ctfmon.exe, svchost.exe, nDNSResponder.exe, dwm.exe, Adobe updater.exe, sconhost.exe . rundll is a back ground device which has been initiated get quick operation of a system.

To original initiation of DLL file needs the application rundll where as DLL is abbreviated as dynamic link library. *.dll is also one of the records considered under Windows host process. There is no such direct option to establish the location for DLL, as addition rundll32 application need to share the functionality.

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 Windows host process rundll32.exe

What is Host Process:

What does Windows Host Process rundll32 mean? Host process is using the command line, and the host process is of different types, updated their features in huge steps from past years to till to date. The programming language for rundll will be mentioned as rundll.exe . The combination of run and dll is attached as an additional feature as a threat in the component device.

The existed part of rundll is located in windows or system 32 and few times the similar file will get file name as previous and also accessible to run with different directories. If the system gets slow, then go with scanning session once, twice and thrice to give up fast functionality over the chosen program.

By going through all process details by obtaining into process explorer system which will be available at personalized option on a desktop. By going through strict analysis and observation regarding the functionality of each version of windows with chosen host process and then go with trouble shooting process.

The excitable part of Windows process will be host process, where as each process has been owned with different functionalities. The running Windows host process will be placed at windows or rundll32.exe. Or system 32.

rundll32.exe Windows Processing File performing maintenance to malware
Located C:WindowsSystem32
Virus No its windows file but look like a virus
Can you run a DLL? Before you need to get copy from C:WindowsSystem32

Windows host process rundll32.exe

It is a host process located in windows, where the presence of rundll will be the option. Where as dll will get attached to run and fulfill the name as rundll.exe . Some of the computer devices will make the hosting of the device under the dangerous stage of the system file. Browsing session will comment on such related files such as spreadsheets, expense records, etc.,


What is rundll32

A single system file will get run over quiet background help which can balance the operation and functionality at the proper level. Users will not able to know complete detailed instructions and functionality of rundll, but the operating person will get the program details much as other individuals which are allotted additionally.

The rundll present file will be structured under programming way as windows/system/rundll32.exe. Whenever the user moves the mouse into the archive.

How is it Running?

To make the device with the successful running process, assigned user for the computer need to make the changes in rundll32.exe properties.

Few steps need to take while selecting the basic options which are present in the properties box. Go through below step by step procedure and come to know the detailed information about running the activation status of rundll for a user system.

  • On Desktop open page, make a right-click and go to properties.
  • Now have a look on Image tab represents the launching of optional information about rundll properties.
  • The parental process will be available as explorer.exe, and the properties include various options such as TCP/IP.
  • Security, environment, strings, Image, Performance, and threads.
  • From those features select, Image option and click on it.
  • The image file will be named as Windows host process.
  • The usual version of rundll will be 6.00.6000.16352.
  • Select the path as windows/system32/rundll32.exe .
  • Current directory as windows/system/.
  • Image about to 64 bit which will bring to the first place.
  • Data execution status should be DEP.
  • And keep address space load randomization as enabled.
  • Now click OK.
  • Then rundll host process will get attached to the presently used device.

Precautions for rundll32:

  1. Host process should select the task manager as process explorer utility which was derived from the user device.
  2. It will be under go proper working over version of Windows, and it will be the best option.
  3. To get rid of trouble shoot errors, select Rundll 32 process.
  4. The launching process will be simple and easy. Do go with the long prescription.
  5. Rundll will appear only at toolkit details available in the properties box.

Users those who are going to select Rundll host process need to read out the details concern precaution, features and activation steps to make you get aware of detailed instructions and functionality of Windows host process. Rundll will usually be supposed to get functioning for Windows version 7,8,9 and 10.

How to Identify rundll32:

Rundll file will be used by spyware to get launch in the concerned mode of the system. The functionality of Rundll will be a partition of Windows which is supposed to run the program under DLL code which is the actual name of the program. Go through search box from start menu option. Then type rundll in search column. Now presenter and wait for a while.

Then Rundll file in the command prompt will appear with programming code. The appearance of programming code will show the enable status of rundll host process in windows. Malicious code will get launched by the presence of Rundll Windows host process.

How to make Rundll32 Disable in Windows 7:

As per the process is chosen in the device, sometimes no need to make the disable with following the lengthy process. But few situations may carry the disability process to delete from the current operation.

  • Go with start menu on the desktop and click on search.
  • Search for command box in the menu bar.
  • Command column will be same as the functionality of process explorer.
  • Now uncheck the appeared column and automatically make the default.
  • Then Rundll host process will get disabled in windows.

If any thing else like How do I manually register a DLL in Windows 10? then please comment below.


Rundll host process has been running with different directories in different users which will make the initial with formal appearance. It is better to store the file in Rundll format for better accessing of operating program without getting trouble in the middle. To run the scanning operation well in advance by using the process of Rundll in the drive.

At any cost, making the assembling of Rundll will help the device to get out with fast speed accessing. Collect the information from above and made the assembling of such devices by placing Rundll Host process. It is selective and better one from all host process available for windows. Thanks for Windows host process rundll32.exe and keep it for more new updated.

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