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The scrolling screenshot feature basically allows users to have a lengthy screenshot of a webpage by scrolling through this material.

Scrolling screenshot onto Android 11The scrolling screenshot attribute was initially seen from the Android 11 Developers Preview 1, even although it wasn’t yet practical.

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But, it had been likely that the attribute would finally operate on inventory Android apparatus together with the last version of Android 11.

Explaining why the attribute is not coming into the next-generation Android, Sandler reported that the group was planning to create the feature work for its whole Android ecosystem instead of merely to get”two or one third-party programs.

“”At the end, much like each Android launch (and particularly within this odd year)we needed to make tough decisions about where to concentrate our limited funds; although this really can be really a cool feature that we are still quite excited aboutwe chose to not hurry this,”

Sandler additional throughout the Reddit AMA session.Background program limitation When asked regarding the constraints on programs running at the background that lots of programmers for many years have complained about on Chinese smart phones, the Android Engineering Team (AndroidEngTeam) suggested that the dilemma is”complex” since Google can not limit Chinese OEMs from executing their restrictive app-killing attributes.

On the other hand, the Android technology team did show Android 11 will present a characteristic to”ensure device makers are alerting users app constraints in a timely way.”Meanwhile, the mobile 11 can be making it much easier for phone makers to construct device-to-device migration programs, the group declared during the AMA session.The 11 Beta had attracted a bunch new features for its end-users like chat pockets, enhanced media controllers, and enhanced control on sensitive permissions.

The Android 11 Beta was launched earlier this week also introduced additional tools into the programmers to be certain their programs work easily together with the last variation on Android 11 which is forecast to emerge on September 8.


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