Poultry Tech Summit goes Electronic


Because of continuing health and safety issues within the COVID-19 pandemic, Poultry Tech Summit 2020 is turning to a virtual experience, as Virtual Poultry Tech Summit.

Poultry Tech Summit goes digital

“COVID-19 has shifted considerably, and live events, in particular, have had to create substantial changes to serve their viewers while maintaining everyone as secure as you can,” said Terrence O’Keefe, article manager WATT International Media.

“Virtual Poultry Tech Summit 2020 is taking advantage of electronic occasion technology to deliver the Summit expertise to a much bigger international audience than in previous decades.”

Virtual Poultry Tech Summit eases the transition of advanced technologies from entrepreneurs and researchers into industrial applications to the advantage of the poultry market.

This occasion is not the only one of its type being provided to link entrepreneurs and researchers with poultry industry technology specialists, financiers, venture capitalists, and producers seeking new jobs and investments to finance.

The varied lineup of speakers and panelists include Paul Aho, economist using Poultry Perspective; Gordon Butland, manager together with G&S Agriconsultants; Dr. Scott Carter, vice president, a microbial firm with Phibro Animal Health; Paul Cuatrecasasfounder of Aqua Partners;

Osler Desouzart, CEO in OD Consulting; Richard Kottmeyer, international food, and agriculture and drink director for FTI Consulting; Gary McMurray, associate manager at Georgia Tech Research Institute; David Spellerfounder of OPTifarm; and Philip Wilkinson, a former executive manager in 2 Sisters Food Group along with Ingham’s.

Digital Poultry Tech Summit can also showcase several inventions and technology in the sorts of information and artificial intelligence, life sciences, robotics and automation, and food security.

Confirmed demonstration topics include using video imaging to gauge broiler weights, blockchain’s function in traceability and wearable detectors employed for coaching processing employees, automatic chick management, sexing and traceability, improved immersive frightening methods for poultry carcasses, amongst others.

The seminar will bring together industry-changing innovators, scientists, startup businesses, shareholders, and significant poultry producers to understand, talk, and community on the latest in mathematics, technology, and business. Attendees will have the chance to swap ideas on the poultry market’s present and future technology requirements.

Registration is scheduled to start in July 2020. To Learn More about the Digital Poultry Tech Summit, see the Virtual Poultry Summit site.



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