Hyundai and Kia Create ICT-connected predictive Change system


Hyundai and Kia intend to use the technologies on potential vehicles. While the technology used to change mechanically depend on motorists’ tastes, like Smart Drive Mode–on many present Hyundai and Kia versions –ICT Connected Alter process is the initial ICT automatically to change the equipment based on traffic and road conditions.

Hyundai and Kia Create ICT-connected predictive Change system

ICT Connected Alter System utilizes smart applications from the Transmission Control Unit (TCU), which gathers and interprets real-time input in the underlying technology, such as 3D navigation armed with an exact map of this street in addition to radar and cameras to get intelligent cruise control.

The 3D navigation input comprises altitude, gradient, curvature, and also an assortment of street events in addition to current traffic requirements. Radar finds the speed and space between the automobile and many others, along with a forward-looking camera, offers lane info.

Employing each of these input signals, the TCU forecasts the best shift situation for real-time driving scenarios via an artificial intelligence algorithm and also changes the gears so. As an instance, when a comparatively long slow down is anticipated, and radar finds no rate irregularities with the vehicle forward, the transmission clutch briefly switches into an impartial manner to enhance fuel efficiency.

After Hyundai and Kia analyzed a car using an ICT Connected Change System on a significantly rounded street, the frequency of changes in cornering has been decreased by approximately 43 percent when compared with vehicles with no system. Thus, the machine also reduced the incidence of brake performance by roughly 11%, thus decreasing driving exhaustion and brake wear.

When quick acceleration was obliged to go into a street, the driving manner switched into Sport mode in the mix, which makes it a lot easier to combine the traffic stream. After merging with visitors, the car automatically returned to the initial driving manner, allowing safe and competent driving.

Additionally, the motor brakes have been automatically applied upon launch from the accelerator pedal by discovering speed lumps, downhill slopes, and place of this speed limit switch on the street.

The fluctuations in space in the front auto have been discovered from front radar to correct proper transmission equipment mechanically, which enhanced driving quality.

The machine can be in accord with autonomous technologies. The ICT Connected Alter System will provide both enhanced fuel efficiency along with a steady driving experience from the age of autonomous vehicles by giving enhanced functionality in response to real-time street and traffic problems.

Hyundai and Kia intend to develop the ICT Connected Shift Method further is much more intelligent transmission technology, which may communicate with traffic signs according to LTE or 5G communicating and identify motorists’ trends, leading to additional refinement of both gear-shift control.


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