Garmin has no indication that this outage has affected your data


Garmin stated Saturday that customer data in the organization’s smartwatch and GPS providers — offline because Thursday — has not yet been compromised, despite worries of a ransomware assault.


Garmin does not have any sign this outage has impacted your information, such as action, payment, or additional private info, the business stated on its site.

It included: “Though Garmin Connect isn’t reachable through the outage, action, and wellness and health data accumulated from Garmin devices throughout the outage is saved on the device and will look at Garmin Connect when the consumer syncs their apparatus.”

Garmin Link is wellness and physical fitness tracker.

Even though Garmin has to describe the character of the toaster, specialized websites have theorized that the firm fell victim to some so-called ransomware assault, where hackers obstruct a victim’s access to its data unless a ransom has been paid.

The organization’s Garmin Pilot program, used by pilots to program flights, continues to be obstructed, as with the flyGarmin aviation service.

The outage has influenced Garmin’s phone facilities, meaning that the group is not able to react to clients’ telephone calls, emails or internet chats.

Specialized site ZDNet reported after the incident started early Thursday, “many Garmin workers took to social websites to discuss information about the assault, all calling it a ransomware attack.”

It included: “ZDNet has interviewed confirmed and several their promises.”


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