ARM Technology Powers the World’s Fastest Supercomputer


Was crowned the world’s most effective supercomputer in the Green500 listing in November 2019, Fugaku was now also awarded top prices about the HPCG record, a rank of benchmarks across real-life software, along with also the HPL-AI, that speeds performance on tasks utilized in artificial intelligence programs.

Arm Technology Powers the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

“We’re incredibly pleased to observe with an Arm-based supercomputer of the scale come into existence and invite RIKEN and Fujitsu because of their dedication and cooperation,” explained Rene Haas, president, IP Group, Arm.

“Powering the world’s fastest supercomputer is a landmark our whole ecosystem ought to be observing as this can be a substantial proof of this momentum and innovation supporting Arm platforms which makes a significant impact throughout the infrastructure and to HPC.”

This accomplishment reflects for the business a substantial development from the requirements of the contemporary infrastructure. Compute efficacy is more significant than ever, programmers require more flexibility and efficiency, and the cloud is driving massive change throughout the ecosystem.

The Arm has also made considerable investments throughout the HPC program ecosystem, allowing seamless migration across education sets, cross-platform growth, profiling, and purge.

Recently, the business added additional curricular abilities to Arm Compiler for Linux along with Flexible Allinea Studio to assist quicken applications on present and future CPUs, as more projects of the scale is going to be contingent on Arm due to its openness, efficacy, and applications ecosystem adulthood.

Today’s announcement indicates the path that business is led. During this collaborative endeavor, a shared intention of allowing greater flexibility and choice to numerous parts of the infrastructure marketplace has surfaced.

Even the Fugaku supercomputer that will be situated in the RIKEN Center for Computational Science is that the flagship system created to support quite a few programs which will deal with both social and technical issues since Japan functions to reach”Society 5.0″.

Fugaku will quicken research, which spans drug detection and climate and weather forecasting, to brand new generation procedures, and is currently being used in the struggle against COVID-19 to acquire a better comprehension of the novel coronavirus.

To find out more about Arm’s travel in HPC, see the Adaptive Newsroom.

To see more about this Fugaku supercomputer, browse here.

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Our innovative, energy-efficient chip designs have allowed smart computing in over 160 billion processors, and our technology now safely electricity products in the detector into the smartphone as well as the supercomputer.

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