The World Test Championship schedule has been thrown haywire by the COVID-19


The World Test Championship program was thrown haywire from the COVID-19 outbreak and its much-awaited closing following year will count on the amount of rescheduled bilateral series following the disturbance, ICC GM (Cricket Operations) Geoff Allardice said on Monday.


We’re in conversation with associates on what their strategies are about rescheduling their show, Allardice replied to a question from PTI through interaction with information bureaus.

Given the situation and tight programs, ICC may need to postpone the June closing in the Lord’s since Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England possess backlog series; however, Allardice, a former Australian elite cricketer, would love to wait for a little more.

Their groups also have rescheduled these (their engagements) as swiftly as possible. Based on how many of these (postponed string ) may be rescheduled inside, the available time can provide us the most suitable time for the closing. But in this stage, the end will be scheduled for June 2021he explained.

We’re working together with all the members about that. .Countries are currently exercising on how to restart, and if it is ideal for restarting and they’re all in their procedure for studying calendars, Allardice added.

Allardice also made it crystal clear that the ICC’s role in this situation is of a facilitator for those members since the body can not immediately become involved with drawing up their calendars.

I don’t see people taking a more significant part in terms of being pro-active. ICC plays a role in organizing opponents, but it does not have any part in scheduling since it’s on associates, he explained.

He confessed there is a great deal of doubt around when global cricket could resume in several nations considering the circumstance differs everywhere.

Allardice also stated that because 2018, once the ICC ODI League was initially invented, the worldwide body has attempted to urge a little bit of equilibrium between ODIs and T20 International formats using bilaterals comprising three 50-over and also an equivalent variety of 20-over games.

The principles around the league were created, again in 2017-18, a decision was taken at the point which T20Is and Otis are going to be three-match series likely.

Probably it alters the equilibrium, but if the league has been created, the states agreed that there could be three ODIs and 3 T20 Internationals he included.

Even though South Africa has begun using three’ Team Cricket’ or better-called 3TC within an experimental basis, ICC is only going to be focussing on the three formats at its disposal.

In 3TC, three groups of eight players compete in one match.

Look, the ICC’s position is in the moment we’ve got three global formats; however, members are invited to test new arrangements, Allardice said.

We’re mindful of what is occurring in member states, but it doesn’t come to the ICC radar as nevertheless, the GM set onto the international body’s point.


Speaking about women’s cricket, Allardice denied obtaining the idea that women’s game is very likely to suffer more due to this pandemic in contrast to men’s cricket.

The preparation is moving forward for the case and the situation has been monitored.




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