Sachin Tendulkar Claims Adjudge Batsman Out If DRS Reveals Ball Is Hitting Stumps


Former India batsman Sachin Tendulkar has urged that the International Cricket Council (ICC) eliminate”umpire’s call” if a group opts for an overview seeing a leg-before wicket (LBW) conclusion.

Sachin Tendulkar Claims Adjudge Batsman Out If DRS Reveals Ball Is Hitting Stumps

The Master Blaster also has stated that a batsman ought to be given out when the ball is hitting the stumps. Whether greater than 50 percent of this chunk will be hitting the stumps or not shouldn’t be matter, ” he stated.

“What percent of the ball hits the stumps does not matter, when DRS shows us the ball is still hitting the stumps, it needs to be handed out, irrespective of the on-field telephone,” Tendulkar tweeted.

With this particular tweet, the former India batsman also shared with a video, where he includes a conversation with Brian Lara concerning the functioning of DRS.

“One thing that I do not agree with, together with all the ICC, is that the DRS they’ve been using for quite a while. It’s the LBW choice were greater than 50 percent of the chunk has to be hitting the stumps for its on-field choice to be researched,” Tendulkar said in this movie.

This call to do away with umpire’s phone was advocated by many senior players.

Every time a verdict pops up because umpire’s call, the conclusion of this on-field umpire isn’t altered. However, the teams don’t lose their inspection too.

ICC recently introduced several adjustments to the sport of cricket, and they also gave teams freedom of additional inspection as non-neutral umpires would probably be used in Test matches on account of this coronavirus pandemic.


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