UP Gangster Vikas Dubey Desired In Cops’ Killing Seen At Hotel Near Delhi, Searches On


Notorious gangster Vikas Dubey, the key accused of the cold-blooded ambush and murder of eight policemen a week at Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, had been spotted in a resort at Haryana’s Faridabad near Delhi on Tuesday, authorities said.

UP Gangster Vikas Dubey Desired In Cops' Killing Seen At Hotel Near Delhi, Searches On

On Tuesday afternoon, raids were conducted in the Faridabad resort, and three men have been detained during an experience. The hotel manager stated that a person resembling the desired gangster had left the resort ahead of the cops attained. Police later confirmed that the man was Vikas Dubey.

Romi, the resort’s director, told NDTV: “two individuals came at about 12:30 pm. One of these revealed an identity card that the photograph wasn’t apparent. I advised them this ID can not be utilized. I had not seen Vikas Dubey prior to this. The cops arrived at about 4:30 pm and requested for Dubey’s space particulars. They even took the safety footage combined together.”

A CCTV footage recovered from the authorities reveals Vikas Dubey sporting a mask. Of the three guys who were detained on Tuesday, Ankur along with his dad Shravad assisted the infamous criminal in hiding; Prabhat is out of his village,” officials stated. Forty-four live cartridges, and four pistols were retrieved from these detained and among those pistols were looted in the UP Police.

The offender on him has been raised to Rs 2.5 lakh out of 1 lakh on Monday.

Amar Dubey, a former aide in Vikas Dubey, has been shot dead Wednesday morning.

Two towns at Haryana – Faridabad and Gurgaon – close Delhi have been still on a high alert along with the Delhi Police has also been alarmed amid speculation the infamous criminal could surrender from the National Capital Region.

Still another aide – Shyamu Bajpai – has been detained in a distinct experience in Kanpur.

On Friday, 50 policemen in three channels had gone into UP’s Bikru village at Kanpur, 150 kilometres from state capital Lucknow, in search of their politically-connected and desired gangster billed in 60 criminal cases such as murder, kidnapping, extortion and rioting.

A raid was intended at his village when he had been detained in a new attempt to murder.

After the policemen were able to reach the village, then they had been fired from rooftops from shooters that had been prepared to get them.

Dubey’s Bikru village comes under the authority of this Chaubeypur government channel.

Anant Deo, a former leader of the Kanpur authorities, has likewise been moved from the UP government. Mr Deo — a Deputy Inspector General using the STF – was changed to the Provincial Armed Constabulary at Moradabad.

The correspondence had warned of a”large incident” when the criticism was dismissed. A copy of the correspondence has been circulated on social networking. Vinay Tiwari has been murdered on Sunday.


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