Two Americans killed in Iraq Throughout anti-ISIS mission Recognized as Marine Raiders


he following four service members had been injured during the assignment, a U.S. officer told ABC News on Monday.

Capt. Moises A. Navas, 34, of Germantown, Md., along with Gunnery Sgt. Diego D. Pongo, 34, of Simi Valley, Calif., directly, were murdered on March 8, 2020 at Iraq.U.S. Marines Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2004, the two men also finished numerous combat deployments. Pongo is survived by his own parents and daughter.

2 Americans killed in Iraq during anti-ISIS mission identified as Marine Raiders

In an announcement on Tuesday,” Marine Raider Regiment Commanding Officer Col. John Lynch given his sincere condolences to the Marines’ families, stating that they epitomized what it has for a Marine Raider.

“They’re smart, brave, and faithful,” Lynch explained. “They have been committed leaders, accurate professionals in their own craft, and eager to go above and beyond to the assignment and their own team.

They weren’t only leaders now, they were on the road to become our associations leaders later on. They were family guys, loving husbands and dads.”

The reduction of Pongo and Navas marks the very first U.S. troop battle deaths in Iraq this past year.

In late December, a contractor has been murdered at a rocket strike targeting a military base in northern Iraq. The Pentagon later identified an Iranian-backed militia set, Kata’ib Hizbollah, in charge of the assault.

Marine Raider Gunnery Sergeant Scott Koppenhafer, 35, of Mancos, Colorado, has been murdered last August while informing Iraqi Security Forces to a projected assignment in northern Ninevah state.

American troops are training the Iraqi army in the struggle against ISIS because 2015.

This record has been included in the Wednesday, March 11, 2020, event of”Start Here,” ABC News’ daily news site.


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