Punjab University’s survival mantra: Keep out Politics, Promote research


The position of academic associations in understanding management along with a mathematically useless exercise. Inconsistent, random in character, these positions compare apples with apples.

Punjab University's survival mantra: Keep out Politics, Promote research

This false perception (or disturbance ) management practice was made to set educational associations in a market-driven aggressive’ manner based on financial incentives. Low position means fewer funds. Results interpreted into qualitative numbers determine the areas.

But schooling, especially social sciences, aren’t qualitative and yield immediate results. It is an easy thing that our”academicians” do not need us to comprehend.

To put it back, this position exercise is designed to promote privatization and commercialization of instruction beneath parasitic neoliberal policies. Better standing would mean how sharply these”high” associations pioneered self-improvement classes by hammering marginalized sections.

Fewer politics, more professors

Panjab University (PU) has a very long history of superior education, excellent college, vast study, exceptionally accomplished alumni in most walks of existence, along with a worldwide appeal.

But within the past couple of decades, the college’s operation is falling because of lack of capital. Even the vice-chancellor (V-C) must also be an educationist rather than a guy with political party affiliations.

As a part of this PU Alumni Association, I believe that the college deserves greater. Aside from increasing the bar of excellent instruction, the campus environment has to be enhanced with more attention and professors and less on politics. PU can conquer high ranking universities by improving its education, global prognosis, and research outcome.

Proceed digital initial

PU ought to go virtual first and make sure its significant tasks, seminars, etc. occur online. Facilities, such as classrooms, ought to be made better, as well as also the canteens and festivals provided a makeover.

Academics, rather than politics, must eventually be the focus of this university. All decisions which are accepted must have the pupils’ permission first to provide them a state in college matters.

PU, when the pride of Punjab, enjoyed international celebrity. Eminent educationists have been in control of the august office of their V-C along with the university bringing pupils from different nations.

The downward trend put in when a few durable bands from the senate and syndicate began judgment PU events by proxy. Dirty politics for a long time now has tarnished the image of this college.

The financial crisis is affecting research and hiring of competent, dynamic college. Politics and governmental interference should finish The nominated members have to be chosen on merit, but not due to interests.

Quality education, subject, and encouraging of their latent talents of pupils may restore people’s confidence in the college.

Generate funds via advanced initiatives

Panjab University will top the positions nationally and globally in case political interference ceases at the consultation of V-C or professors.

Second, the professors must send study scholars overseas on overseas assignments rather than moving themselves because this doesn’t help their pupils or the college.

The college should frequently invite luminaries from all possible areas from overseas and India to socialize with the pupils and wake their heads.

Rather than combating the capital, the V-C should attempt to create funds through progressive initiatives and ensuring professors who hit retirement leave the college. Ability ought to be recognized and nurtured.

In 1981 PU refused to provide funding to the study pupil Dr. Joginder Singh Sidhu, who subsequently went to the US to make fame as a scientist, creator, and designer.

The world’s lightest and smallest camera is simply one of over 40 advanced products he’s created for the consumer industry. Such ability must have been accepted rather than rejected by PU.


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