Owaisi speaked on Covid-19 Treatment in Telangana Govt Hospitals


“It is unlucky that hysterical and untruthful tales from COVID-19 Govt Hospitals at Telangana are producing an exaggerated image from the minds of numerous and preventing them from seeking timely therapy.

Owaisi speaked on Covid-19 Treatment in Telangana Govt Hospitals

Additionally, it is quite unfair to this superb frontline staff of those hospitals.

My appeal to the bad is not to fall behind this propaganda. We can not dismiss the expert services of frontline employees,” Owaisi said on Thursday night at a Facebook informative article.

The AIMIM pioneer said authorities hospitals are supplying free COVID-19 therapy and several patients have regained.

The Hyderabad MP explained a pregnant girl in Makta in town, that tested positive for COVID-19 and has been likewise becoming convulsions, was admitted into a distinctive gynaecology ward at the state-run Gandhi clinic for therapy. She’s currently a mother of an infant.

“One might have political motives supporting this (untrue ) propaganda. However, it costs bad folks, their faith in the team of government agencies. They can not afford private hospitals to get therapy.

Should you find places for development, please examine them quite. There is no requirement to feed to mass hysteria, ” he explained.


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