Colombians Profoundly interested in Russian culture,” says ambassador


In Colombia, there’s real interest in Western arts and culture, and also the theme-based concerts and exhibits draw large audiences. Russian cinematography is a favorite. The progression of diplomatic and cultural cooperation between Russia and Colombia is significantly affected by the events in the esteemed world-famous capital theatre Teatro Mayor,” the envoy said, imagining Yuri Bashmet, Anna Netrebko, also Dmitry Hvorostovsky conducted in the place.

Colombians Profoundly interested in Russian culture,'' says ambassador

The ambassador noted at the start of this calendar year, Valery Gergiev, with all the Mariinsky Theater orchestra in addition to pianist Dmitry Masleev played in Bogota, although the Imperial Russian Ballet Company flew together with the Swan Lake ballet.

“This calendar year, other excursions were planned too, but on account of the pandemic, sadly, they’ve been postponed.

At this time, it’s too early to discuss the authentic excursion dates of Russian actors in Colombia, even though we expect the situation drags shortly, and the Colombian viewer will enjoy the finest illustrations of our civilization,” the diplomat stressed.

“The amount of equilibrium and pragmatism of these bilateral relations achieved during this period of time enables us to optimistically see the upcoming growth both in near future, also, finally, in the very long term,” he highlighted.

I requested Bogota’s mayor Enrique Penalosa to impose a curfew throughout the city beginning from 9pm,” Duque wrote on his official accounts on Twitter.

Duque stated that way the police expect”to ensure safety for many citizens of Bogota.”

The president sooner stated that a curfew is going to be introduced just in three portions of the funding.

Protesters took to the streets to express their discontent with the economic policies of this government of president Ivan Duque. The police arranged to shut land and sea borders till Friday morning. Based on Colombia’s Interior Ministry, over 207,000 individuals participate in protests throughout the nation.

In certain towns, tranquil demonstrations turned into clashes with authorities. The government of numerous resolutions imposed curfews. On Friday, Colombia’s defense ministry Carlos Holmes Trujillo explained three people died and 273 other people had been hurt in clashes with authorities.


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