Chancy Gambits: Chennai’s Fight Against Covid-19 And Dangerous Games That Politicians Play


The COVID-19 pandemic might have postponed the entire world market and thrown millions from work, but politicians can’t consign their commerce to some deep freeze for extended.

In Tamil Naduthe entrenched one-upmanship involving the ruling AIADMK and its own rival DMK and the inner power games over those parties themselves have obtained a unfortunate toll over the struggle from the coronavirus.

Chancy Gambits: Chennai's Fight Against Covid-19 And Dangerous Games That Politicians Play

Out to establish slippages and flaws from the government’s aid steps, the DMK, in the behest of governmental adviser Prashant Kishor, had gathered the’Let Us Unite’ programme to supply these material straight to beneficiaries.

Party president M.K. Stalin directed the practice person, forcing other DMK leaders to follow suit with directly handing over aid. The message targeted at?

However, the celebration paid a massive cost when leading boss and district secretary J. Anbazhagan expired after establishing for relief supply.

The passing of this feisty MLA was ironical, because he had publicly compared the diktats of Prashant Kishor’s group to set up senior DMK functionaries. “Small boys with no expertise in politics will be giving orders to folks like us who’ve fought a dozen elections,” he’d complained to Stalin.

Anbazhagan’s departure has shaken the DMK the celebration has stopped’Let Us Unite’ and led senior leaders to not venture outside. Inside this melee all protocols and precautions are thrown into the end,” says political analyst Rangaraj Pandey.

However, Sekar Babu, DMK MLA in Chennai’s Harbour constituency, asserts that elected representatives can’t manage to steer clear of busy field duty. “If we’re not seen in this catastrophe the very same voters will inquire why we’re overlooking. We could take precautions but need to perform public company,” he clarifies.

Meanwhile, together with Chennai and its environment reacting , 500 positive circumstances each and every single day, the ruling AIADMK is currently having difficulty. Desperate to include the harm, chief minister K.

Palaniswami first substituted the health secretary having a more experienced secretary. Then he declared a 12-day lockdown to get Chennai and neighboring regions from June 19, expecting to slow the spread.

On the other hand, the CM’s strategies were immediately undone by his own ministers and officials. As opposed to ensuring that the access to hospital beds, the health ministry C.

Vijayabaskar was occupied threatening people who’d red-flagged that the lack of beds and had advocated the people to remain inside. He brazenly flouted social distancing standards in a series of public supply of aid material along with a gala inauguration of jobs in his home district.

Chennai’s company commissioner Prakash, meanwhile, travelled outside his short to declare that everybody studying for COVID-19 would need to maintain self-quarantine. Because this could effectively frighten the general public from showing up for testing, the health secretary needed to explain that they ought to stay at home just till results came.

“Considering that the commissioner is an appointee of this highly effective community government minister S.P. Velumani, he’s ready to eliminate goof-ups.

Any other authorities would have moved him to the way he’s mismanaged the COVID-19 scenario in Chennai.

However, because of Velumani’s blessings, he still has been a stumbling block from Chennai’s struggle against the virus,” finds political commentator’Tharasu’ Shyam.

As opposed to concentrate on fighting the outbreak, the EPS authorities chose this inopportune time to alter the names of towns and cities to coincide with their own Tamil phonetic titles. In Tamil Nadu, apparent priorities have been pushed aside with politicians.


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