Nvidia Fps counter Origin and Stream Tutorial

After sharing about ShadowPlay To Record games now we are again on the new topic way. Guys today we are talking about Fps counter, Fps is nothing but the frame per second which is a measured calculation for knowing the evaluation of different consecutive pictures that a camera device can handle the level for every minute.

Cameras with less end digitized stills are made critical such have a frame with a rate of 1 fps whereas those are having reasonable frame rate up to 30fps. The frame rate is the frequency of frame which has been measured by the rate which can make the imagination over displaying nature of devices that following pattern images which are called as frames.

This definition will be approximately equivalent to the category of movie and videos, clicking pictures, system graphics. It is the frame rate appeared as frame per second. Usually, the frame involvement will be load under games and video games playing.

Video game center will make the gun over projectile appearance with the used weapon by combat along with primary person perspective way which can make the experience over the action gone through the look of the protagonist.

fps counter

Fps counter origin stream

There is thousand number of frames are available with the evaluation given through human eye and measurements stores in brains that can make the interpretation up to available range expecting the activity that how the capacity was high with the frame rate that can be average and the presentation will be about 150 frames per second.

If the interpretation reaches to 60 fps is not at all considered as wastage. In digitalized cameras, frames per second are stands as the unique consecutive image that can handle per a second. From these available frame rates, users can pick out anyone as per their desire and wish.

Classifications of frame rate:

  1. 24 fps – high-quality video.
  2. 23 fps – high definition with NTSC Compatibility and NTSC.
  3. 25 fps – High quality with a PAL.
  4. 29 fps – NTSC with high definition player.

How can I see FPS in the game? 

The usual players of games are probably known and more familiar to those and the frame per second is to identify how many consequence images or frames are getting processed through the video card per every second. With the presence of lower fps, the game will get freeze by the implementation of higher FPSC Value that represents the smooth game experience.

Fps is only related measurement under gaming section, and the term of fps has belonged to the multiple devices, and that includes the digital cameras with motion capture system and graphics computer films as general way.

The experts under gaming portal can quickly analyze the estimation that how many frames are appearing per second that those image systems can produce the device within the determination done with the exact FPS Value which may sometimes construct under vital role.

A user can make the settings as lower by going through graphics settings in case of achieving a best FPS rate that can add more reaction that is to be enough  FPS rate equal to 60 fps which are considered as the optimal stage.

How do I see my FPS in CS GO?

Frame per second in the counter of the strike with global offensive will get discussed over here with the general broadcast settings. The combination of CS GO frame, user, can make the entertainment over various sections such as Screen shorts, shows, Artworks, news, guidelines, reviews, and workshop related videos, etc.,

Go with locality nature of CS GO in the workshop that tends to initial invitation over Workshop in CS GO then go with benchmark the run FPS test and make the remember that can currently add the average to the measurement of FPS in a video.

How do I increase my FPS?

  1. Go with following steps which are classified as five points that can quickly improve the fps without paying the money or any other extra charges. Such as below.

The resolution must be get reduced with significant effect during running games, and the flowchart performance will go down with few drops that can lead to playing the games with high quality.

  1. Graphics card drivers should be updated, and this is very straightforward and basic cover which can the changes over old driver performance with large determination over fps with many users that can fail the driver and tends to the updated version.
  1. Must have a change settings while running the games and videos. The quality and nature of drawn distance will be getting the fixed range that can make the impact of the performance standards than compared to other users.
  1. Does hardware need to be overclocked by assigning the separate tasks unless the general definition considered such as what you are doing for? And how to understand the risk breaking video card RAM, CPU, and other computer components. The first necessary step is that the overclock analysis should be done over video card by making the official recommendation process that can have the link up with the third-party team. There is an availability of overclocking for RAM and CPU, which can be easier and straightforward under BIOS Settings default nature.
  1. 5. PC Optimization software usage may run the program of the user computer, and those can make the use of up memory and power in CPU. A Huge number of PC Optimization options are going to get cleared under the process that could be run the game with excellent performance range. Windows adding built-in optimization tool and that can be similar teaser Game booster which will lead to hard work.

 How do you use Fraps?

By minimizing the frame structure by making the initiation of the game that will tend to run in the background. If the user wants to have the screenshot of playing page, then press hotkey button and make the set up under screen captures. Then automatically screen capture will briefly turn into a moment of possibility.

  • Useful to click the video and capture the images from the PC games.
  • Used by Open GL Graphics technology or Direct X with additional pay off.
  • Can record the playing games and that can be available to play later.
  • Used to get download the flaps from the regular home page.
  • It is represented to make the opening of the game application.
  • Picked to display the frame rate information under video capture mode.

Ways to See fps in Games:

  • Go through settings in the stream in-game overlay.


  • Click on stream overlay option permanently.
  • Make enable the streaming overlay, use a big image and use a desktop.
  • Then enter small key as shift plus Tab.
  • Screenshot must be specified f12.
  • Make the option off for In-game FPS counter.
  • Mark all boxes under screenshot were taken.
  • Now 5S FPS will make appear bottom of the screen.
  • Then fps measurement has been undergone through changes from defaults.


Hope this Nvidia fps counter you will like and also it will help you to understand about fps monitor, If you have any questions regards fps counter software, then please tell us, We will reply your question as well as free.

Hope now your question like Does Origin have FPS counter? also How do I show fps in origin? cleared. if you need any more info then please comment below.

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