The Wyld technology will provide digital access and anonymised social distance monitoring and alerting through a mobile app


The Wyld technology may offer electronic access and anonymized societal space tracking and sift through a cell program and a net wireless network of linked smartphones and IoT (Web of Things) apparatus. Wyld and HHVL have started the very first project for execution at a care home in Scotland, although the technology might also have broader applications in assisting other companies to return to work.

The Wyld technology will provide digital access and anonymised social distance monitoring and alerting through a mobile app“Supporting innovation throughout the medical process is more significant than ever and will probably be fundamental to procuring transformation and enhanced maintenance,” explained Frances Hines,” Research, Development and Innovation Manager at NHS Highland. “Establishing the conditions for much more collaborative approaches to the invention and empowering the adoption of low-cost new technology will be crucial, and we’re happy to be working with Wyld and HHVL to provide innovative prospective options for care homes.”

“HHVL was created to help innovative businesses interacting with all the NHS and our cooperation agreement with NHS Highland, we’re currently involved in selected jobs that are deploying and introducing technologies to health care settings,” explained Dr. David Heaney, Director Highland Health Ventures Ltd (HHVL).

How it functions
Wyld’s advanced net technology simplifies the ability of people’s cell phones without relying upon links to mobile or distant networks. Data only finds the fastest and simplest path by switching between telephones to send alarms, alarms, and other articles reliably and quickly, while also correctly measuring social bookmarking. The Wyld system can make virtual geo zones around the maintenance home and especially sensitive or quarantined regions to control access in addition to dynamic private two-meter geo zones around everybody with the program.

All employees and visitors might need to download the cell program and enter the COVID-19 test outcome and input any signs to some self-diagnostic algorithm embedded inside the program to make a hazard profile. Residents with no smartphone may be given digital wristbands or comparable.

Anyone coming to a zone will soon be sent a message immediately to allow them to know if they’re permitted to enter. Using Wyld’s real-time data analytics system, care home managers are going to have the ability to contact and counsel anyone that has been connected with somebody who’s analyzed confident with COVID-19 or grows symptoms.

“Our net technology was initially made for applications like major sporting events, music festivals and retail centers and transportation hubs to provide pertinent location-aware info,” explained Wyld Network’s CEO, Alastair Williamson. “However, it immediately became evident that our Wyld net may play an essential function in protecting taxpayers, visitors, and staff in care homes, hospitals, and hospices. We expect the system developed by Highland Health Ventures can offer a version that may be adopted more broadly to take care of the present crisis, in addition to delivering post-COVID added benefits.”

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Collectively, they want to create innovative wellness and care services, which are fundamental to the delivery of services from the Highlands of Scotland and more broadly.


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