Protecting migrant workers in Kuwait: a Resident Coordinator’s Site


The gain in xenophobic language geared at migrants — who constitute more than 70 percent of the populace of Kuwait — motivated a bunch of jurists, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR),

And the Office of the Resident Coordinator, to establish a media campaign intended to help the police counter the issue, which they’re starting to view as a possible hazard to a peaceful and secure society; we all welcomed the Emir of Kuwait’s inaugural address about the topic, where he highlighted the necessity to heal divisions, and also speech misinformation.

Protecting migrant workers in Kuwait: a Resident Coordinator's Site

This is 1 example of this role the UN is acting Kuwait, tackling the results of the pandemic. Our reaction can be broken into four chief areas. Primarily, we’re helping prepare the market and society (by way of instance, by strengthening distribution chains( excluding economic consequences and encouraging small and midsize businesses ).

Second, we’re working to safeguard vulnerable groups, such as researchers. Thirdly, we’re producing educational articles, through different websites, and finally, we’re treating developmental and wellness problems.

Among the large financial problems, we’re dealing with is unemployment. The huge bulk of the researchers who go to Kuwait have quite a restricted way, and, because of the outbreak, a number have found themselves with no work.

Huge amounts of money are gathered to aid researchers, an indication of the generosity of several Kuwaitis, who’ve donated food to assist people affected by the recession. Different UN bodies, like the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), are cooperating with the Kuwaiti government to seek out strategies to deal with this catastrophe.

We’ve developed recommendations and guidelines for handling migrants, and mitigating the socioeconomic consequences of the outbreak, and we’re very happy to state that lots of them are embraced by the government.

Another result of this growth in unemployment is that lots of researchers no longer have legal work permits, and face deportation to their countries of origin.

The IOM and UNHCR have been working together with partners to give food and personal defense equipment (PPE) to migrants and individuals of concern, also scrutinizing centers for voluntary deporting employees, and also the victims of domestic violence (such as domestic employees ).


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