Pandemic shows need for change to U.S. Healthcare system


A good deal of awkward truths have emerged out of the COVID-19 epidemic in the USA, and among the most evident is that our country’s healthcare inequities.

Now, we Americans live in the wealthiest nation ever known to humanity but also one where the inhabitants of have-nots have become most, since the middle course, therefore powerful in the two or even three years following World War II, has shrunk along with prosperity is increasingly concentrated among a couple of.

Pandemic Of Corona shows need for change to U.S. health care system

Additionally, roughly one in 10 American households lived in poverty in 2018, together with a few 25% of them led by women, as stated by the U.S. Census Bureau. Approximately half of the people live from paycheck to paycheck, and also a few 90 million are either uninsured or underinsured.

Some shout when a federal leader or leaders, for example, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, suggest a single-payer, Medicare For All application, however, the pandemic has subjected the gross unfairness of the present healthcare arrangement, the employer-based, personal medical insurance system, as thousands of Americans lineup in jobless lines and have dropped their health insurance plan.

Consider the recently unemployed confront the grim fact of fulfilling their essential needs — food, clothes, and shelter (mortgage or rent ) — instead of merely distributing dollars to purchase medical insurance, also, consequently, remain vulnerable towards our healthcare crisis.

Since the entire amount of U.S. COVID-19 cases starts to close 1.3 million and the death toll 75,000, impacting all, wealthy or poor but in the most exceptional rates particularly the poor and minorities with preexisting medical terms.

Sanders’ program appears more palatable: ” We require a law which ultimately guarantees health care for everybody, employed or unemployed, cradle to grave, as many developed Western countries have.

People who assert that a single-payer healthcare system is an end of America as we understand it, which they claim that the Commie pinkos and fellow travelers that think about FDR’s Four Freedoms are itching for, and also state that the uninsured or poor suffering a health catastrophe can always be treated in a county hospital emergency room. They’re right.

But they will need to keep in mind that the pandemic has financially burdened hospitals in which a few are on the edge of insolvency and will require extra funds to continue to keep their doors shut, the lights, the more ventilators humming.

And that impacts all people augurs well for a number of our medical associations which are in the grasp of healthcare insurance companies and drug companies whose products and services take significant bites from monthly from companies who provide health advantages.


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