Initial coronavirus departure in Virginia supported by Va.. Department of Health


This occasion marks the first departure in Virginia on account of this coronavirus.

The individual was a guy in his 70s that obtained the coronavirus via an unknown origin. The reason for death was a respiratory collapse as a consequence of coronavirus.

First coronavirus death in Virginia confirmed

“On behalf of the total Commonwealthwe express our deepest sympathy for your family members and loved ones of this individual who perished, in addition to the families of everyone that has been impacted by this epidemic,” said State Health Commissioner M. Norman Oliver, M.D., M.A.

“The wellbeing of our citizens as well as the neighborhood is the greatest priority, and we’ll keep on working with each other to take care of the patients, and protect the security of healthcare employees, and also protect the folks in our Commonwealth.”

Northam has additionally closed faculty for two weeks.

“We’re taking this action to maintain Virginians as safe and wholesome as you can, and also to minimize vulnerability to COVID-19,” stated Governor Northam.

“I understand that this will present a hardship on many families, however shutting our universities for fourteen days won’t simply give our employees time to wash and disinfect college centers, it is going to help slow down the spread of the virus.

This can be really a fluid and fast-changing circumstance. We’ll do all possible to make sure that pupils who rely upon school nourishment programs continue to gain access to food, which the disruption to teenagers is as minimal as you can.”

They’re interviewing influenced individuals and providing directions about the best way best to safeguard others and themselves.


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