Himachal PPE scam: Vigilance Discovers Signs to Reveal ex-health Manager was Requesting Much More bribe to seal Agreement


Shimla: The nation vigilance and anti-corruption agency commissioned the Himachal Pradesh health division scam has discovered that workers of a Punjab-based company colluded with former manager, wellness, Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta to procure orders for providing personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to get corona warriors.

Himachal PPE scam: Vigilance Discovers Signs to Reveal ex-health Manager was Requesting Much More bribe to seal Agreement

The scam surfaced on May 20 following a sound clip of a dialogue involving Dr. Gupta along with Prithvi Singh, a representative for a medical equipment provider in Punjab, has been broadly shared on social networking.

Prithvi has been stated to be connected with caregivers and is close to governmental leaders of Himachal Pradesh. He had made many calls for bureaucrats and the leaders around the afternoon. The vigilance team detained Dr. Gupta.

The vigilance team delivered Dr. Gupta’s and Prithvi’s cell phones for evaluation to the Central Forensic Laboratory in Junga. The forensic review revealed that there had been more sound records between Prithvi, a representative of Bioaide Corporation, along with Dr. Gupta, who was associated with the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“While the representative was prepared to provide Rs lakh which has been in his ownership, the former manager, healthcare, (DHS) insisted he organize Rs two lakh longer,” says the superintendent of authorities Shalini Agnihotri, who’s going the particular evaluation unit probing the instance. The broker was seeking yet another provide purchase of PPE kits in the DHS until the dilemma of tender so both may make profits from this bargain, ” she explained.

The anti-corruption agency found no provide sequence could, nevertheless, be completed as by the authorities determined that Covid-19 associated purchases will likely be produced via tenders.

Prithvi Singh, who belongs to Renuka at Sirmaur, was at length, but afterwards he became stubborn and has been detained on Saturday. He had been created before the court of the exceptional judge, woods, Shimla and delivered five days’ police remand.

Prithvi’s political connections are being researched. State BJP leader Rajeev Bindal resigned from the article on May 28 after his name has been hauled to the scam.

One of them would be a 40-year-old girl, who had been the contact of this Chhawani Mohalla resident who’d listened to the virus May 29.

An 11-year-old woman and 13-year-old boy tested positive at the previous 24 hours. They’re the family members of a 54-year-old girl who’d been admitted to DMCH because of Covid-19. Her 48-year-old sister, who’s a resident of Daad village, analyzed positive also.

An 18-year-old touch of another favorable individual tested positive, as did a bit of their physician bunch from Khanna.

Besides these, a 40-year-old girl from Ambala, who’s the sister of a patient by Khanna, has tested positive; however, she won’t be counted in Ludhiana’s tally because she’s currently a resident of Ambala.

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