he Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the world’s largest nursing union and professional body


The info is important to supporting frontline NHS nurses, midwives, students, and newly qualified nurses, aid workers, and retired physicians”returning to responsibility” in an unprecedented moment.

he Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the world’s largest nursing union and professional body

The initiative is assisting reassure RCN employees and mature decision-makers that documents recording decisions and activities of the RCN, in addition to information given to associates, are being intentionally gathered. Actions contain the RCN calling the UK authorities on the access to analyzing and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the members.

Self-evident digital preservation & accessibility

Directed from the RCN’s writings group, the faculty has already made over a million historic clinical advice books available online via a secure associate portal. The most recent advice on handling infectious diseases plus a complete overview of UK government suggestions and announcements is currently available on the RCN web site.

The group is actively catching and maintaining RCN site bulletins associated with COVID-19, also working together with the RCN’s comms staff to crop testimonials of frontline nurses, which were shared on social networking. The intention is to record the participation of this faculty and its associates for future generations and also empower the RCN to furnish proof that shows its function and activities throughout the pandemic.

Fiona Bourne, Archive Manager in the RCN, remarked: “A lot of nursing students have only qualified, and they are going directly into the job to tackle the pandemic. With no depth of expertise, it is a part of our endeavor to make certain they have access to crucial clinical information in addition to the most current ideas and guidance in order that they could develop speed rapidly and securely.”


The RCN is utilizing Preservica’s online electronic preservation and detection platform to rapidly capture, maintain, and earn material securely available to members wherever they are or what device they may use.

The faculty can also be engaging in an initiative established by Preservica known as #ourcovid19story that’s committing extra free cloud storage into the consumer community for COVID-19 associated groups.

It has taken pressure from the RCN archive, enabling them to guarantee data is gathered and made accessible near-real-time without worrying about storage space. The cloud operated Preservica program also has meant that the staff has managed to stay effective when working remotely through”lockdown.”

Fiona added: “If, as appears likely in the long run, there’s a public inquiry concerning the government’s response to this outbreak, we will have the ability to supply evidence immediately and efficiently to the appropriate body. The exact identical evidence will reveal what the organization has done concerning suggestions and aid for physicians and care workers throughout the NHS and the independent sector, and also the participation of key employees to authorities advisory committees”.

Mike Quinn, Preservica’s CEO, remarked: “We’re humbled by the job that the RCN archive staff do to encourage their associates to the frontline of the pandemic in addition to documenting their epic job for future generations. This, together with our clients utilizing Preservica to actively capture and preserve this unprecedented period in our background, satisfies us with tremendous pride.”

The RCN, Together with other speakers in the Town of Boston, the University at Buffalo, Network Rail and also Rhode Island Department of State, will probably be speaking about their job within an upcoming training: Preservation in real-time: providing value for your community & institution through an international pandemic.

Concerning the RCN

We represent over 450,000 nurses, student nurses, midwives, and nursing service employees in the united kingdom and globally.

Around Preservica

Preservica is altering the way businesses around the globe shield and future-proof crucial long-term electronic details. Offered from the Cloud (SaaS) or on-premise, our award-winning digital preservation applications were made in the ground-up to attack the special challenges of ensuring electronic data remains available and dependable within decades.


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