Covid-19 Patients and Normal People’s Dead body mixed in Hyderabad hospital


In a significant misunderstanding, specialists at state-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad gave over the body of a man who passed on of Covid-19 to another family, which played out the last ceremonies.

Covid-19 Patients and Normal People Dead body mixed in Hyderabad hospital

The occurrence became known on Thursday after family members of a 37-year-elderly person, who had passed on at the medical clinic on Wednesday, found that his body was absent.

The berserk inquiry including police prompted the finding.

The 37-year-old kicked the bucket in the early long periods of Wednesday. “The medical clinic staff called us to distinguish the body yet it was not there. We continued looking through everywhere throughout the emergency clinic with the assistance of police and today, we came to realize that the body was given over to another family and they played out the last customs,” a relative of the expired told IANS.

The group of the other expired was gotten back to the emergency clinic on Thursday and it was discovered that the body of their relative was all the while lying in the funeral home. Subsequent to taking the assent of the family members of the 37-year-elderly person, the body was given over to them.

“The whole episode is stunning for us. We are intending to stop a grumbling against the medical clinic organization,” the relative said.


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