Nothing can stop the general trend of China-US cooperation


Nothing could stop the overall tendency of China-US alliance, and a decoupling could be benefit nobody in a world in which globalization is still the sequence of existence, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng stated Wednesday.

Nothing can stop the general trend of China-US cooperation

“The true enemy of the US isn’t China. It’s the invisible virus along with developing unconventional security risks,” he explained, implying that the US shouldn’t take care of a spouse within an adversary, nor should it require a beggar-thy-neighbor way of connections as doing this would wear out either side.

In a world in which nations are working as profoundly as you can in every facet, “decoupling is impractical,” Le mentioned.

Citing a recent poll from the American Chamber of Commerce in China, which indicated 84% of US firms working in China do not wish to leave, which 38 percent plan to keep or raise their investment,” Le stated US companies remain most interested in the enormous Chinese market.

Looking farther, there are a lot more chances for China-US collaboration in ICT, artificial intelligence, online instruction, and telemedicine, Le implied, asking: “Why would anybody need to cut the alliance that’s been benefiting either side? And why do they wish to market the so-called decoupling?”

Pointing into the results of a decoupling, he noticed that the transaction war had made $1.7 trillion in their market values of listed US businesses.

If it concerns the US tariffs set on Chinese products, he mentioned a letter created by 160 US firms and delivered into the US Congress to advocate the raising of tariffs on China, stating they’d cost Americans $50 billion more duties in 2019 and increased average household cost by $1,277.

“China will stay firmly dedicated to opening wider to the outside world, along with also the door to collaboration will stay available to all nations, such as the US,” the foreign minister worried.

Rejecting the notion of an anti-China bloc, Le stated, “China won’t be isolated” and”it is not possible to exclude a marketplace of 1.4 billion people.”

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, China has provided support to four global organizations and 150 nations – like the US, where China provided a mean of over 60 masks for each and every American.

China’s support and assistance for some other states serve no selfish pursuits, and doesn’t have strings attached, Le explained, highlighting that”China is by no way seeking behavioral effect or predominance.”

The official acknowledged that the China-US connection had found itself at a crossroads, having a historical decision regarding its future hanging in the atmosphere. However, Le is optimistic concerning the near future of China-US connections.

“Though the connection is evidenced by dark clouds, the sky won’t fall, and the sunlight will gradually glow again. Similarly, nothing will prevent the overall tendency of China-US alliance,” he explained.


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