Maharashtra increase lockdown till 31 May due to covid 19


Following Punjab, today, Maharashtra has expanded the lockdown until May 31. This manner, Punjab and Maharashtra officially declared Lockdown-4.

On the other hand, the central government has said that the fourth period of lockdown will likewise be put into place in the nation, which is officially announced anytime.

Maharashtra increase lockdown till 31 May due to covid 19

On Saturday, a day before the Maharashtra statement, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh stated that the Kovid-19 lockdown executed at the nation would last until May 31.

However, the authorities will raise curfew limitations. The Chief Minister explained,

“There won’t be any curfew in the country from May 18. However, the lockdown will last until May 31. He suggested that public transportation will also begin running to some range against May 18.

He explained that the state authorities would declare additional comfort from May 18, however in precisely the exact same time sought the public’s help to halt the spread of Kovid-19 from the nation.

Amarinder Singh stated, “I shall enable the opening of the majority of stores and tiny businesses from May 18.

The Chief Minister explained that academic institutions would stay closed in this period. Also, he explained, “There will not be any gain in the prices of private colleges this season.


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