Kritika Pandey wins 2020 Commonwealth Short Story of Prize


The 29-year-old obtained the coveted honour for the short story, The fantastic Indian Tee and Snakes, that centres about an improbable friendship struck in the backdrop of a tea stall.

After the triumph, in a declaration in the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she voiced confidence that”more people expect their horses as well as their visions. She was likewise announced among five Regional Winners for its 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for her job, a week.

Kritika Pandey wins 2020 Commonwealth Short Story of Prize

“I have experienced every possible emotion since I got the information. Occasionally, I am overwhelmed with happiness, gratitude, and a feeling of satisfaction or Dealing with disbelief.

Sometimes, I am devastated by the destiny of my literary characters that appear all too real for me, a feeling compounded by the tragedies now ushered around us. But over anything else, this particular decoration strengthens my will to compose.

It informs me that those days once I lock myself into my room to delve into a computer monitor, unsettled and uncertain, could only be a rewarding method of engaging with the entire world.

It reminds me I have to, consequently, continue to investigate into the human state, to make sense of presence, to listen attentively, to withstand, and to trust,” that the Pushcart-nominated author stated.

The writer had also disclosed the motive for submitting her narrative for Commonwealth originated from the method by which in which the decoration values the unique standing of a post-colonial author. “I believe telling tales is vital because a lot about our presence cannot be accounted for from some of the approved epistemological classes on the market.

We attempt to create a sense of our insecurities with figures and facts and dates and concepts, and why don’t you undertake a critical evaluation of our emotions too. Composing stories enables me to examine our nostalgias, sorrows, joys, infatuations and our boundless methods of being smart, with no intellectual,” an account at PTI quotations her stating this at a movie.

It must vary from 2,000-5000 phrases in English. One other Commonwealth citizens aged 18 decades and over is qualified for this. The judging panel has been nicely represented, with each representing five areas of this Commonwealth.


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