Firing them is N’t enough’ | George Floyd’s sister Needs justice after brother dies in police custody


RAEFORD, N.C. — The most contentious passing of George Floyd along with the shocking movie accompanying it’s gripped the nation during the previous 48 hours.

Anger and dismay have appeared following Floyd was murdered while in police custody at Minneapolis on Monday night. Video shot from somebody in a scene revealed a officer using a knee clamped down Floyd’s throat while he put back at the road while handcuffed.

Firing them is N't enough' | George Floyd's sister Needs justice after brother dies in police custody

“Everything went clean. I had an extremely difficult time carrying it …a very difficult moment.”

Floyd could be heard yelling”I can not breathe” before moving quiet.

“We had been advised a police officer had his own knee kneeled to our brother’s throat while he had been handcuffed into the floor,” said Bridgett, who added she hadn’t seen video of this experience. “That is all that I could find in my mind, was the police officer had been placing all of his might to my brother’s neck into where he couldn’t catch his breath. He couldn’t breathe.”

“It had been eight minutes on his throat,” said Floyd family lawyer Benjamin Crump. “It is like’I can not breathe’ around again in 2020.”

The four officers included were fired since protests shaped Minneapolis on Tuesday. Bridget said shooting the officers wasn’t enough.

“They killed my brother. He murdered him. They will need to apply additional pressure on those men. Firing them isn’t enough”

Floyd had been 46 and worked security in a restaurant.


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