Democracy activists’ books unavailable in Hong Kong libraries after new law


Novels by notable Hong Kong pro-democracy characters have become inaccessible in the Chinese-ruled town’s public libraries since they have been examined to check whether they violate some brand new federal security legislation, some government department said Sunday.

Democracy activists' books Inaccessible in Hong Kong libraries Following new law

The sweeping laws that came into force on Tuesday night in exactly the exact same time its contents have been printed, punishes offenses associated with secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with overseas forces, together with punishments up to life in prison.

“While legal information will be sought from the practice of this inspection, the publications won’t be available for reference and borrowing in libraries”

A hunt for novels by youthful activist Joshua Wong or even pro-democracy politician Tanya Chan around the people libraries site revealed the novels, such as”Unfree Speech,” co-authored by Wong, possibly inaccessible or under inspection.

“The federal safety legislation… Requires a mainland-style censorship regime on this global financial town,” Wong tweeted Saturday, including his names”are prone to reserve censorship.”

The national-security laws was criticised by pro-democracy activists, attorneys and foreign authorities who fear it could be used to stifle dissent and undermine independence that the former British colony has been assured as it returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

The afternoon after the legislation came into effect, 1 guy was arrested for carrying out a Hong Kong freedom flag.

But on Friday, the local authorities announced the motto”Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of the days” illegal. And also a guy who’d driven a bike to police officers during a demonstration and completed a flag using this message had been charged with offenses and inciting secessionism.

Neighborhood and Beijing officials have said the laws wouldn’t suppress freedom of the press, nor any additional rights from town. The law, they explained, just aims a couple”troublemakers.”

It’s uncertain how many novels are under inspection.


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