Chinese ambassador du wei died under suspicious circumstances


The entire body of this Chinese ambassador discovered dead Du Wei Death stationed in Israel was retrieved from his dwelling. Authorities haven’t yet demonstrated the reason for death.

Let’s inform you that there’s also a swearing-in app of this new government in Israel.

Tel Abiv

A couple of hours before the swearing-in of the new government in Israel, the Chinese ambassador was awakened to death under questionable conditions. The entire body of Ambassador Du Wei was regained out of his house in Hertzaliya.

Chinese ambassador du wei died under suspicious circumstances

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has also supported the incident. On the other hand, the Chinese Embassy in Israel has vowed to provide any advice on this aspect.

China Might Have killed itself.

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According to the Israeli press, authorities were investigating the case because the episode was discovered.

The reason for death hasn’t yet been found. Allow me to inform you that Benjamin Netanyahu may even take the oath of President to the 5th time this day following a longstanding political deadlock at Israel.

Israeli Army Radio has promised that there weren’t any visible bruises on his torso. Preliminary investigations have shown that Wei died of a heart assault.

Let’s understand that 58-year-old Du Wei occurred more than the Chinese ambassador to Israel in February. Before this, he was the Ambassador of China into Ukraine. His family wasn’t in Israel in the time of passing.


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