China Say ‘New pneumonia’ more deadlier from Covid-19 in Kazakhstan


BEIJING: China has cautioned its citizens dwelling in Kazakhstan of a neighborhood”unknown ailments” that, it stated, has got a”higher” fatality rate compared to Covid-19 disease.

China Say 'New pneumonia' more deadlier from Covid-19 in Kazakhstan

The”unidentified pneumonia in Kazakhstan caused 1,772 deaths from the first six months of this calendar year, such as 628 individuals in June independently”the Chinese embassy from the central Asian state said in an announcement on its WeChat stage on Thursday, including the deaths also included Chinese taxpayers.

“The fatality rate of this disease is a lot greater compared to Covid-19,” state-run Global Times quoted the embassy’s announcement on Friday.

Many businesses such as Kazakhstan’s health division are analyzing the”virus of pneumonia”, ” the embassy said.

There hasn’t been any indication if this disorder is regarding the Covid-19.
Some Chinese experts said that steps must be taken to protect against the pneumonia from dispersing to China.

The embassy is awarding the Chinese people in Kazakhstan to increase their awareness of steps to protect against the spread of this virus.

It quoted local press as saying that because mid-June, nearly 500 people are infected with an pneumonia in several areas of Kazakhstan.

On Friday, however, Kazakhstan’s health ministry branded Chinese press reports dependent on the embassy announcement as”fake news”.

The ministry said its own tallies of fungal, bacterial and viral pneumonia illnesses, which also contained cases of uncertain causes, have been consistent with World Health Organisation guidelines.

“The data printed by a few Chinese websites seeing a new sort of disease in Kazakhstan is wrong,” the ministry stated.

The US and several nations have accused China of concealing the Covid-19 data in the entire world.
But, China has refused covering up the extent of its own coronavirus epidemic and also accused the US of trying to divert public attention.


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