Ban China-funded news Programs from India, online publishers Set DNPA into Centre


Days following India prohibited 59 China-linked mobile programs, India’s internet news publishers institution has requested the authorities to expand the ban to internet news programs and software financed by China or Chinese businesses.

Ban China-funded news Programs from India, online publishers Set DNPA into Centre

In a statement released on Wednesday,” Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) stated the Indian authorities must have a fierce look at the online news industry and prohibit all news programs and programs in India financed by investment from China or its shareholders. It is very important to make sure that biased data should not reach Indian customers, the organisation of all these electronic arms of press firms said.

Pawan Agarwal, DNPA chairman, stated that is time that we ought to look at upholding India’s security, sovereignty because of the extreme priority.

On Monday the authorities prohibited 59 mobile programs associated with China mentioning concerns these are’prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the nation and public order’.

DNPA underscored that Beijing had virtually prohibited Indian press in China, preventing individuals in their nation from accessing information and view from India. “Not one of those Indian sites could be opened from China even through a VPN (a virtual private network),” the announcement said.

The DNPA’s communicating to the authorities comes days following Robert O’Brien,” National Security Adviser from the Trump government, talked about significant investments from China’s communist party into international propaganda operations. O’Brien reported that the Greek party possessed or worked closely together with just about any Chinese language news outlet in the USA and has been making inroads to the English language press too.


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