Azerbaijan Starts e-service for air Travel Passengers to Maneuver COVID-19 test


The agency will inform ticket owners that the time due to their COVID-19 evaluations.

To stop coronavirus disease in the land of the nation, passengers with domestic flights of Azerbaijan Airlines have to pass COVID-19 test before the trip.

Azerbaijan Starts e-service for air Travel Passengers to Maneuver COVID-19 test

Therefore, first taxpayers must input the ticket number to be able to test it below the section”Assess the ticket”.

After affirming the ticket, the citizen must click the area”Create an appointment”, to find out the proper time and date for evaluation.

In cases like this, the info on display will include the address and name of the health centre the taxpayer must-see, in addition to the time and date of the exam.

A taxpayer may alter the examination period in precisely the same manner as previously. In cases like this, the previous date ought to be deleted.

“Citizens should notice that they can decide to get a consultation on the mandatory medical insurance policy platform inside the scope which will be supplied in line with the length of this flight. Therefore, it won’t be possible to generate an appointment 48 hours before the flight. You ought to be examined for COVID-19 at least 48 hours before the flight and also at first 96 hours before death,” the bureau has stated addressing residents.

It ought to be said that the citizen seeing a health institution should present an identification card along with the atmosphere ticket. The COVID-19 evaluation for those passengers is at no cost.

On June 11, Azerbaijan declared the resumption of flights.

Since it was mentioned earlier, AZAL introduced new flight guidelines that stipulate that passengers who passed on COVID-19 evaluation 48 hours before death with an adverse effect are going to likely be admitted to the airport in the event of supplying a distinctive certification.

On the other hand, the boundaries remain closed.

Before, TABIB Chairman Ramin Bayramli, in talking in the briefing of this Operational Headquarters beneath the Cabinet of Ministers, stated that June 19-20 might be put as a tricky quarantine day in some specific areas of the nation.

But, spokesperson for its direction marriage of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) Ravana Aliyev reported that the decision about the launch of a tricky quarantine regime in certain cities and areas of Azerbaijan on Friday and Saturday of the week (June 19-20), hasn’t yet formally been verified.

After the choice is made, the general public will be advised ahead of a briefing of this Operational Headquarters.


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