Arye Gut: Pashinyan Established himself as the head of state Who’s far from diplomatic Standards and Theories


Azerbaijan is now the chief of both geopolitical and geoeconomic procedures from the South Caucasus. Today it’s really a truth that no behavioral and geoeconomic project could be put into place with no Azerbaijan’s involvement.

Arye Gut: Pashinyan Established himself as the head of state Who's far from diplomatic Standards and Theories

“Azerbaijan has signed files on a strategic venture with two European Union members. Azerbaijan works with significant geopolitical gamers of EU nations like Italy, Germany, France, and many others. Accordingly, from that perspective, this videoconference has produced a brand new unique contribution to the evolution of bilateral relations throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, since President Ilham Aliyev mentioned, Azerbaijan is at the last phase of discussions on a new venture arrangement with the EU”, Arye Gut explained.

“This second is essential for Azerbaijan since the nation is currently in conflict with Armenia. As a consequence of this war and aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, 20 percent of the land of Azerbaijan is inhabited, specifically, the area of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjoining districts. These lands are under construction jobs for 30 decades.

In the view of the interlocutor, President Ilham Aliyev is very rightly employing any global platform to announce relating to this significant and corrosion of Azerbaijan, that’s the effect of the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan and job of 20% of Azerbaijani lands.

“Thus, from that perspective, President Ilham Aliyev has proved himself as a true, pragmatic and adept diplomat that, on the one hand, talked about Azerbaijan’s successes in its relations with the EU along with the accomplishments which exist within the frame of EU-Azerbaijan alliance.

On the flip side, the Azerbaijani mind of the country never forgets to talk about the problem; that is a true wound and hassle of the Azerbaijani people”, Arye Gut considers.

Commenting about the provocative address made in the videoconference by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Gut worried that Pashinyan stayed that neglected journalist and revealed itself as the head of the old country from diplomatic standards and theories.

The present head of the government knows quite well that his nation is still currently in a state of collapse.

The Western bibliography requires it a failed condition. Accordingly, from that perspective, I believe Azerbaijan, since the chief of geopolitical and geoeconomic procedures at the South Caucasus, continues its advancement, is a transportation and economic hub at the total South Caucasus.

Arye Gut also voiced shock in Pashinyan’s announcement that there are supposedly acts of racism from Armenians in Azerbaijan.

“Pashinyan ought to be educated that Azerbaijan was a version of inter-ethnic, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue for several decades. Azerbaijan continues to be and is currently home to several religions and individuals.

Judaism and Islam, fire stunt, and Christianity coexisted on ancient Azerbaijani land. Even now, this property continues to demonstrate an unbelievable appetite for endurance and religious tolerance. In this way, having an Israeli citizen, I want to notice the unprecedented attitude from the Jewish neighborhood of Azerbaijan.

It’s the President of both Azerbaijan and the nation’s leadership, which reveals a warm and caring attitude towards most of the national minorities in Azerbaijan, such as Jews and Christians. It’s well worth mentioning that there’s been anti-Semitism from Azerbaijan, and Jews haven’t felt as though foreigners.

It’s a simple fact that now over 30 million Armenians live in Azerbaijan. What racism from Armenians in Azerbaijan we could chat about. Here I want to inquire about the Pashinyan program, who instructs whom ethics and morals, once the systematic coverage” Armenia with no Turks,” was established in January 1988.”

Of them, 49 people died from frostbite from the hills fleeing from Armenians, 41 people were murdered as a consequence of colossal beatings, 35 individuals were killed by torture, and 115 people were burned off, 16 were taken, ten died of heart attack, not able to resist pain, and physicians murdered two in the hospital. The remainder were awakened, hanged, electrocuted, beheaded,” Arye Gut explained.

“Armenia is the most monoethnic nation in the post-Soviet area, in which chauvinism, nationalism, and the glorification of both fascists and anti-Semites have come to be an essential component of state coverage.

In this way, it’s improper and unsuitable for Armenia to instruct Azerbaijan multiculturalism and tolerance,” worried Arye Gut.

At precisely the same period, our interlocutor lasted, President Ilham Aliyev remembered the events of 1983 in Orly airport in France, in which Armenian offenders committed a terrorist assault. Among these terrorists, Karapetyan has been detained by the French government.

“President Ilham Aliyev trained participants of this Eastern Partnership video convention that Armenian terrorists perpetrated a terrorist assault Orly airport in Paris in July 1983. Karapetyan was among the organizers of the terrorist attack.

He resides in the home that has been awarded to him from the Armenian nation as a hero. Fascists, terrorists, and also anti-Semites become national heroes around the land of contemporary Armenia.

And irrespective of their political regime, make it Kocharian, Sargsyan, or even Pashinyan’s regime, these regimes gratify and glorify the fascists, terrorists, nationalists, and chauvinists, that flipped to national heroes. Does not Armenia have new personalities?”


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