How To See Who viewed my Facebook Profile in Mobile PC

After a long time today we include the best trick name who viewed my Facebook profile Recently. It is facile to see the list of user who has been visited your Facebook profile by using given methods. You can follow any of these below how to find out who viewed your Facebook profile methods to check out the candidate’s list who viewed your Facebook profile.

Are you tired of searching for how to see Facebook profile viewed candidates last? It is the perfect place to let us know the process of identifying the list of viewers. You need to have the high knowledge about the Facebook functionality and programming usage. By doing the follow up with these steps, then you can get determine the list of candidates viewed your profile.

There is an availability of viewing the users, who saw the list of your updates and Facebook profile. You ever wonder by seeing the viewed candidates names by going through below procedure. Have you ever seen the Users who go through your Facebook profile,

Then let make with practical way. You may be tried so many times, but it is impossible to go through the successful end without knowing the process. It is very logistic and magical way which is having several ways to view the list who visited your Facebook profile.

Can you see who looks at your Facebook? Yes now you can see who view your profile using Google Chrome extension, Apps and also using browser source code, Which all mentioned in our post.

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    How To See Who who viewed my facebook profile

How to see who viewed my Facebook profile

how to check who visited Facebook profile? No need to think more, learn more, work more to get implement the process, let it be easy once get understand by the FB user. Many of the people are eager to know the process of identifying the list of viewers of the Facebook profile.

It is time to blast the waiting and let make it real by having a list on your desktop. Some people think that it is impossible to do. But you can, and you can see the viewed candidates names. It is a simple way and takes view minutes of time after getting sign into the Facebook page.

Forgetting the information concern the list of viewers, you need to download the chrome extension application to search the candidate’s list. The chrome extension app will get downloaded by going with Google Chrome app. So if you thinking How can I know who visited my Facebook account? then try any one for can i see who viewed my Facebook profile :-

Method 1:

This is most easiest way to find out, If you are using Google Chrome browser then good, just install below mentioned plugin and follow few easy steps which are :-

method 1

  • Then open Facebook in other tab and go through it with the official sign in.
  • Go with Notification option available in view notification side.
  • Now page with Facebook profile view notification will appear.
  • AT right top, Add to Chrome will make available.

method 2

  • Go with Add extension option and half of the process gets completed.
  • In Facebook page go with visitors option by clicking on Chrome extension box.
  • Then Visitors option get selected and load for few minutes.
  • By refreshing the page, you can have a look on the list of Facebook profile viewers.

In Chrome store, you can pick out miscellaneous apps and methods to go with Facebook profile viewed candidates list.

Method 2:

Another way of knowing the Facebook viewers list is as using browser option. It is the process using coding method. This process is somewhat tougher than the previous process.

  • First, go for and enter the credentials.
  • New users of Facebook are unable to view the list.
  • Then open timeline in Facebook page.
  • In the navigation bar, go through blue option available at the top of web page.
  • Now make the right click and go with the menu option.
  • Then click on the option of view page source by going through sub menu box.
  • Either press Ctrl plus U instead of selecting view page source.
  • There are no other differences among any of the option.
  • Then the page with incomprehensible codes will appear on a full page.
  • Press Ctrl plus F and find box will appear at left corner.
  • In the search box, enter Initial chat friends list and star searching.
  • The entered code detailed will get select automatically.
  • ID numbers of such candidates who go through your profile are present after the selected list.
  • Now select the list of those ID’s and paste in the search box after option.

Method 3:

It is too easy and also my favorite way, If you are enabled to follow above one then it.

1. First Just open your Facebook Profile.

2. Now simply press Control + U, You will see page Source.

3. You will see a lot of coding of Facebook.

4. Just Press Control +F and type “InitialChatFriendsList.”


5. There You will see many Profile ids of peoples.


6. Just pick any Profile ID and past with Facebook URL

7. For example, Your Profile ID is 0000000 then URL will be

8. That person is who viewed your Facebook right now.

Hope above all method will help you to know who has viewed my Facebook profile, The method listed initially will give a limited number of user ID’s then compared to the second one. Facebook is a type of social media application which is used to communicate the people at one place. It is easier to download and use for better online communication.

This application will be accessible through out the world with internet facility, and there is no restriction applicable at the time of sign up. It is managed by American corporation with social media network supplies in national and international level.

From 2004, Facebook is running with successful ends from initiate year to till to date. It is private sector application useful for students and employees for secure communication. Like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn,

This is also a communication app founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Google Chrome extension is a required app an option to get to know the list of facebook viewed candidates list.

Install and manage the extension of seeing the viewed candidates list on FB. Careful go through above-given steps and collect the information as you understood.

Then Go officially with these steps for the better ending. Auto fills the process of viewing the list and is surprise by going through the list of viewers. By going through Average consideration and coverage,

The maximum time spends on social networking sites mainly FB per a day will be 40 minutes as per American research was done on analysis of FB usage by users. Facebook creates more traffic jam than referred to other social media pages.

Who viewed my profile app

If you think that how to tell who looks at your facebook profile without much knowledge or this is little complicated to follow steps, Then you can try app for know who checked your social account. Here I am sharing few apps you can try that too. But that is in apk form. You can download it from apk store.

Can i see who viewed my Facebook page?

Yes, now you can see your page visiter too, You can use same way of how to see who visited my Facebook profile today,  But personally recommending you chose method 3, That is prefect and also very easy to use. Working in all browser but for easy steps you can try Google Chrome.

Final Verdict 

Facebook has been listed first and tops with a high number of users and more traffic reference. But the Date usage will be less, and speed analysis is very high than other web portals. Facebook is a corner for posting your status with images and videos in GIF, or other formats within seconds.

Hope you will enjoy this who viewed my Facebook profile trick, Now you can see who views your Facebook very quickly using Google Chrome extension App and also using another simple way.

If you know any How to see who views your Facebook page way, then please tell us. Hope now Can I see who viewed my Facebook story? answered.

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