How to fix Whea uncorrectable error in windows 10

The live appearance of the uncorrectable error will be displayed like the blue screen which is also known as the stop code. For getting the protection over the missing of data and information, system or PC is going to shut off suddenly without giving any before alert message regarding the turnoff status.

Even though the visibility of text will happen then that is nothing but same as when uncorrectable error and that will coincident while hardware error will take place. So this will start placing for a repeated number of times, then the user needs to fix it permanently by going through given procedure.

As a general issue, this problem will run into the device and the initial status of the problem requires restarting the system. While the drivers present in the system are disturbed or not at compatible then there is a chance of occurring when error.

Any windows version will be supposed to face such problems but blue ray appearance on the screen was possible for only windows8.1 and windows10.

This error will identifies the fatal hardware error that can check the indication of bug and this problem will arises by providing windows hardware error architecture. When has been described by the word windows hardware error architecture in system language?

     whea uncorrectable error

What is Whea?

Windows Hardware error Architecture was shortly described as WHEA and this is a type of operating system under hardware mechanism. This has been initially introduced by windows vista along with windows server version of 2008 and the application was reached into implementation over successor transferring to machine check architecture level.

The user can recognize this error by displayed stage only, If the system shows the screen with the blue screen then that system will get confirmed with the occupation of whea uncorrectable error. It is better to shut down the device to prevent the section of erasing the data.

What causes Whea uncorrectable error?

Yes Causes for Whea Uncorrectable error need to know because i will help us to solve What does Whea stand for? question and error. While the hard ware device was manufactured by the person, mal functioning will get included that may some times causes the windows to restart the session. An expired or not updated version of driver presence in the system will cause the happening of whea error.

That will get into the occupation of input or output system and this will happen till having the expired stage of drivers. Error is nothing but corruption or missing the data that need to make the read or write over the referral error input and the power strategy will get attacked with virus outages. Now follow the steps to fix whea uncorrectable error in windows 10.

1. Overclocking:

Running the system for huge and continues hours with our giving the test by assigning a task, user system will tired up and the tools get stress. This will happen while the running device was at high speed by manufacturing overheat the system that will causes the error like this.

overclocking cpu

2. Hardware Issues:

Hard ware errors are nothing but the session arrived at expiry and that need the updated version or new version of download. As per the task situation user can take a step forward with the selection of perfect choosing the pointing. Once the version of windows has been upgraded then the graphics card will not support the OS version which was new and that will display the notice with a blue screen.

After completion of installation of new version there is a procedure of scan and checking the status of hard drive is mandatory. Sometimes there may be chance of occurring the same issue even after finishing entire process with neat step by step follow up.

Thus the repeated arise of problems will be due to the default of hard drive which was installed newly or the version was not original by the manufactured organization. So then the first step is to scan the disk and erase the errors.

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Harware Issues

How to fix Whea uncorrectable error in windows 10:

By the increasing heat level, the system is going to meet with over clocking stage and the over clock system will easily generate the process for erasing whea errors. From BIOS, by disabling oveclock, the error will get fixed at a range of single step.

  • Go through System settings by searching at start menu session.
  • Select Update and security icon and read the options which will appear at the left side of the page.
  • Then choose recovery and go for getting the started option which will appear in the middle of the page and wait for a while.
  • Now after getting into refreshed login, choose trouble shoot by moving the mouse into the icon.
  • Then select advanced options and go for UEFI fire ware settings.
  • Then sign into UEFI settings and go for BIOS updating which will occur automatically while the system has been restarted.
  • Now go with advanced tab and search for over clocking to make the option as disable.
  • Then system with safety mode has been referred and driver status is going to test from now onwards.
  • Now again repeat the same thing from settings to trouble shoot and go for a start up settings.
  • Press F4 for reboot the system and then the user’s session in the desktop will get appear.
  • Update expired drivers and finish the process of installation.
  • There are two modes of options available as uninstalling the application drive and download it or make the update of already present device.
  • Go for the latest version of drivers that are lost at present and download it.
  • Now select manage option from This PC by making a right click on the heading.
  • Then after going to device manager and choose genetic no pnp monitor.

scan computer memory problem

  • Make a right click on it and start updating the driver software.
  • Close the session by clicking on the close option.
  • Then go through updating session of previous and mention the input address properly.
  • Then update the software and close it.
  • It is time to go for the properties of base system device and make the changes in the driver.
  • Confirm the settings and click n Ok
  • Uninstalls HD sensor Collection v2 and clicks OK.
  • Go with base system device and un install it.
  • While the error message appears now make an installation of the new driver.
  • There is a chance of occurring the error with the new program and the session will continue.
  • Start evaluating the system and uninstall the program.
  • Through command prompt go to the control panel.
  • Choose programs and go for installed applications.
  • Select the old version of driver application and make un install.  (We are using Driver Talent)

driver talent

  • Just need a scan over the system to checkout the occupation of error.


  • Then make sure that device was fixed with the occupied error.
  • Now for command prompt and go through the administration.

command prompt as administrator

  • Check out the status of the disk drive.
  • Now give the input as reset and press enter.
  • Then restart the system again.
  • Now fix corrupted files that are an under-registered stage.
  • Use the cleaner and go for corruption of registry files.
  • Choose wither paid or paid off version of registry files through internet usage.
  • Download the file and save it.
  • Then clean the application and repair the registry file that was under corruption.
  • Now usually go for antivirus or cleaner application and start analyzing the system.
  • Choose error file and select them.
  • Click on OK an delete those options.
  • Now go for change the registry and save the settings.

At present by going through the follow up of all these specified steps systems will get into a restoring portal. This is very useful and important step to get the methods for solving a huge number of problems.

By finishing the restoring along with point wise follow up system will generate the request with the smooth way and fast accessibility. This error may occur at any time while we are sitting in front of the system.

The places where it is going to occur will be playing the game, browsing a web page, start up menu, doing any task, open the application, closing the session.

There is no particular period to occur the problem of uncorrectable error. This error will get into various versions of software devices also. But the process of solving this problem is not same and these steps are not applicable for other versions.


Make sure as first that the system was occurred with which problem and make the solution perfectly by having the awareness about the entire procedure.

We have listed the steps neatly and suggested to follow those if you are device was occurred with whea uncorrectable error and that to the system using windows 10 software application.

Once check out the status of the problem and make the resolution by following the solving steps for each problem. Whea has completely belonged to the default nature of installing the hard drives in the system so go through the steps for erasing the problem and refresh the system with a new session.

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