How to Fix Http Error 503 The Service Is Unavailable

Are you getting an error 503 The service is Unavailable while trying to open your website?? If you are web user, it is necessary that you need to know what exactly the means and how to fix that error.

Here we shall discuss what does a 503 error mean and later on with the below solutions you can fix the error. Http Error 503 The Service Is Unavailable is an HTTP status code which is nothing but the server of the website is unavailable to you right now.

This happens when the user tries to connect to any of the web applications, remote web workplace, outlook web access or else with a company web.

The error message is caused because of the disabled or paused application tool. This error message is customized based on the website or the web application it appears or else the server software will itself generate this error.

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Fix Http Error 503 The Service Is Unavailable

Most Common Causes of HTTP error 503 Service Unavailable Errors

Before solve issue you need to know What can cause a 503 error? also How do I fix DNS server is unavailable? for better nderstand this concept, Mostly this 503 error message is seen when the maintenance is being done or when the server is very busy.

Websites that make use of Microsoft IIS can give you more detailed information regarding the causes of the error by giving suffix with a number along with 503 or an error occurred (status: 503).

For example, 503.0 service unavailable error means application pool unavailable, 503.2 means Concurrent request limit exceeded and 503.3 means ASP.NET queue full etc.

These are all the various types of 503 errors that you can see. Whereas the 503 Service Unavailable is an error that is from the server side which means there is a problem with the website server and it is related to the other error messages such as 500, 502 and 504 etc.

Apart from these server-side errors, there are also client-side errors present. Regardless of the cause, there are few fixes you can try to solve the error.

We have given the list of few solutions that you can try and get rid of the 503 Service Unavailable error. So, please go through the below-given information about there was an error communicating with the steam servers. please try again later. So let us know error code 503 reddit also what is error 503.

Few Solutions to Fix HTTP error 503 Service Unavailable Error

So, the way that you see this 503 error message will vary in different cases. This error can appear on any OS and on any browser. Even in Smartphone’s and the old mobiles too, you can see this error is they are having internet accessibility. There are also many other causes for this error which you can know through below details.

  1. Try Again and Again to Open the URL:

The initial easiest method that you can try to fix the error is, retry the website’s URL from the address bar of the search engine by refreshing or reloading the URL again and again.

You can simply press F5 too and try to load the page. Sometimes with just a single another try, you can access the URL you want. But, even after the several trails if the website is not available and you see the same error message on the screen, then there can be an issue or error with your PC and which is for a temporary time.

Note: It is to be noted that if you are getting the 503 services unavailable error or steam error 503 when paying for the online purchases or while doing online transactions, doing multiple attempts for getting back to the website or to check out of the website would lead to several charges with multiple numbers of order.

So, be aware of this even though many credit card companies and the payment systems give the protection to the users against these types of issues.

  1. Restart the Modem or Router:

If you are seeing the error “Service Unavailable – DNS Failure”, then you definitely have to restart your router or modem and then the device in which you are seeing the error such as the computer.

Though the error that appears on the website is the fault with the website that you wanted to visit, there is also a chance that there can be a problem with the DNS server configurations on your Computer or else on the router/modem.

So, sometime just by doing a simple restart of the PC or modem would solve the problem. Even if this does not solve the error, 503 DNS error, then there would be some issues with the DNS server itself temporarily.

If this is the case, you just have to choose the new DNS Server from public or free DNS Servers list and you can change the old DNS server with the new one on your computer or router.

If you do not know how to change the DNS server, you can search for the same on the web or on this website. You will get a complete guide to doing change the DNS server both on the router and on your computer in simple steps.

Restart the Modem

  1. Wait and Visit Back Later:

This is the most common fix and this would many times solve the HTTP error 503 service unavailable. HTTP error 503 Service Unavailable is the most common error seen on the popular websites now and then i.e. when there is an increase in the huge traffic on those websites by the visitors of the site.

Increase in the more and more visitors that the website can’t handle the situation is crushing the servers and which leads to the error. In this situation, you just have to wait some time and try again later after some time.

This is the best fix that as a user you can do. More and more visitors leaving the website make it free from the traffic and there is a chance for the successful loading of the web page. So, try this fix and you can solve the issue very easily many times.

  1. Contact Website Administrator and They Can Fix:

Webmasters or the administrator of the particular website in which you see the error can help you resolve the issue as they are already aware of it. Contact them through the contact form on the website as the final solution.

Letting them know of the issue, will make them solve the problem by knowing the root cause of the issue. If the web administrator also does not know how to solve the error, then they can follow the below given simple steps to get rid of the problem again.

Usually, the error can be resolved by starting back the application pool from the IIS as given below. But if you purchase the Windows shared hosting, then you will not have the access to the IIS.

If this is the case you can contact the hosting provider and they can help you. To solve the HTTP error 503 service unavailable problem manually through IIS, do the following.

  • At first, the user has to open up the IIS and search for the application pool of the website you want. You can select the application pool as shown in the below-given picture.

step 2

  • Now, you need to right-click on the selected website name from the application pool and then you have to tap on the Start from the drop-down menu.

step 3

  • Finally, the users can browse the website again and see that the problem is solved.

Fix HTTP error 503 Service Unavailable Error on Own Website

If you are a webmaster or the administrator of the website even after doing the above method the error is not solved, and if your web application is too heavy which requires more than 250 MB of the private memory, then you should definitely consider of purchasing the additional private memory for the application pool. You have to pay for the additional memory every month.

With various web server options available and there are many general reasons for the error to cause, there is no straightforward method to do if your website shows up the error. You should check for the root cause and proceed accordingly.

If something is crashed, then you should restart all the running processes and check that if it works out. Apart from this, you can also look on some places that are not that obvious for the errors to occur.

In the places applicable, you can look for the things such as bandwidth throttling, connection limits, fail-safes that would have been triggered and overall system resources, etc. More and more traffic on the website that it can’t handle is also another place you have to look for and if it is the case, you can just do the above-explained method to solve the issue.


Doing any of the above-given fixes would definitely help solve the HTTP error 503 service unavailable error. So web application users or the website users, if you get the same error message on the URL you are trying to load, just follow any of the ways to fix the issue and see that the problem is solved in just a few minutes.

This is the complete guide for the HTTPAZs error 503 Service Unavailable error causes and fixes. Hope, this post would help you to get rid of http/1.1 service unavailable or http error 503. the service is unavailable errors.

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