13 Out of Office Message Examples and Samples That Are Unique

Usually, people go on some vacation with their family members. If you are seeking to go for some tour from your office for about a week or any number of days, you need to create an out of office email message. Best Out of Office Message Examples also a part of the business. It is quite essential for all the employees to inform the autoresponders about their vacation and other details.

One of the best ways to report others about your vacation is throughout of office messages. Before leaving the office and coming out for vacation, you need to notify your company to solve the communication issues. It is just like the notification for the customer or the client that helps them to reach you throughout of the office message.

Out of Office Message Examples

What is Out of Office Message?

To help your customers and other business associates to contact you in the best way, you need to provide out of office messages.

By sending an out of the office message reply, it allows the colleagues, clients, and other email senders to know about the details of your vacation. You need to provide the following information in the out of office email messages in a unique manner.

  • You are not available currently
  • The time you will return (mention the date)
  • Whom should you contact when required? (like substitute person)

Usually, the employees take leaves for sickness, traveling to some other place for business work and many different reasons. Sometimes, the employees who will no more continue in the company need to provide out of office message.

If you don’t place you out of office message to your colleague, client or others, it could eventually affect your company, business marketing, and many other things either directly or in an indirect manner.

To handle your business marketing in the better way, you need to provide out of office message. You need to write the Out of Office message uniquely, and it replicates your professionalism in your business. As we all know, doing business is not a simple thing, and at the same time, marketing is not an easy task.

You need to provide the best customer support and handle the business works in the best way. To do so, you need to make use of some of the best business tactics and strategies as well.

The recipient to whom you send the message seeks to get an email from you regarding their work. It provides an excellent chance for you to produce the leads and enjoy your vacation in the best way.

In this post, we have included 13 best examples for the Out of Office Message that is truly unique and exceptional. These messages examples could help you in the best way to send an email with the message regarding your absence for some period.

How to Write Best Out of Office Email Message

Here are some of the natural steps that help the employees to write the best Out of Office Email Message for your business marketing. https://tunee-music.en.aptoide.com/ could help you in the best way to respond to your client or the customer instantly without making them wait for your response for so long.

First of all, you need to write your subject in the field of the subject line.

  • Subject Line: Out of Office / Unable to Respond Immediately

After that, you need to greet them based on the date and the time.

  • Hello!!
  • Greetings of the day!!

After wishing them with proper respect, you need to add the body of your Out of Office email message as follows:

  • The shape of the Email message:
  • Thanks for your email message. As of now, I am unable to reach you as I am out of the office until (Return date or Date of a comeback). I will reply soon after contacting the office. My response is slow due to the fault in the internet connection.
  • If you require any more assistance instantaneously, you can contact me through email (Name of the Contact Person, Alternative email ID).

You can then end the out of office email message with best regards and your name.

  • Best Regards
  • [Provide your Name]

How to Write Best Out of Office Email Message

Things not to mention in ‘Out of Office Message.’

You need to check out some things that you must not mention in your out of office email message. It could affect your business marketing and the association with a specific client or the customer. If you specify unnecessary things in the email message, it will replicate your professionalism and your office management. Make sure that, you don’t include all these things shown below in your out of office message. Check it out!

  • Reason for taking leave.
  • Name of the place you are on holiday.
  • Permissions.
  • Where you are moving.
  • When have you started your vacation or the leave?
  • You can expect my reply in just 24 hours in the Out of Office or slow to respond out of office email messages.

13 Out of Office Message Examples and Samples

If you are baffled in sorting out the details that you need to add in your out of office email message, here are some of the best Out of Office Message samples provided below.

Example 1:

Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back at (Mention the Date of Return). During this period I will have inadequate access to my email. For instant support, please contact me on my mobile phone at (provide your mobile number).

Example 2:

I will be out of the office for about a week. If you necessitate urgent assistance while I’m absent, please contact me through email (Give your Contact Email Address).

Example 3:

I will be not here from (Starting Date for Vacation) until (Date of Return). For critical issues, you can contact (Provide the name of the Contact Person or your substitute).

Example 4:

You are receiving this message to confirm that your email finally landed safely in the inbox of my Email.

You can get a reply from me soon through an email. For more immediate assistance you may send me a text or contact through mobile phone. [Mobile Number].

Example 5:

Thank you for your email message. Currently, I am out of the office, with no email access. I will be returning on (Mention your Date of Return).

If you require direct access to our company or immediate assistance before then, you may get in touch with me through my mobile – (Provide your Mobile Number).

Example 6:

You can send the Out of Office Email Message in the form of an image. If your client or customer is comfortable in checking your reason for the vacation is the model.

You can express you out of office message in the form of a picture. As there is a famous adage that says ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ So, your client can view the visual image to get successful marketing.

Example 7:

I will be out of the office starting (Provide Starting Date) through (Give the Ending Date). I will return the department soon on (Mention the Date of Return).

If you require immediate assistance during my nonattendance, please contact (You need to provide the name of the person to whom they could reach – Contacts Name) at (Provide the email address of the substitute – Contacts Email Address). If not, I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my arrival.

Example 8:

Thank you for your email. Your message is imperative to our company and me. The company on behalf of me or I will take action as soon as possible regarding your query.

Example 9:

Thanks for your email, I am at [need not mention the name of that particular event] until [mention the date of return] and may be slow to reply until then. If you need more immediate assistance, please email [Name] at [Email].

Example 10:

I will be out of office for the rest of the week. In my absence, please contact [name of the contact]. Thanks so much!

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Example 11:

Your message received; however, I am out of the office until [Date of Unavailability]. I will be unable to respond to my return. If this requires immediate attention, please contact [Alternate Name] at the Mobile Number [Provide your Mobile number] covering for me in my absence.

Example 12:

I will contact you as soon as possible upon my arrival [Date of Return].

Example 13:

Thank you for your message. As I am out of office, I am unable to access my email. For instant access, contact me through my mobile number.

These are some of the best 13 Out of Office Message Examples That Are Refreshingly Unique.


Finally, friends, You need to provide the details of how much time you are unavailable to the client. Is there any substitute in your absence? Also, you need to mention your return date in the out of the office message. Here is everything you need to know about out of office message.

Check out the list of the best Out of Office Message Examples that are quite exceptional! Thanks for a visit and keep it and also send us your suggestions for the better post.

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