6 Song Music Identifier app to know what song is this

Are you a music lover and love to listen to the songs and sing them?? But, sometimes failed to know what song is this playing that and about the artists etc?? This is really an annoying thing and you can’t get to know about the song from the internet without knowing its name or the lyrics.

However, the users don’t have to worry about it as there is a way to identify that song or music. All that you need for this is an Android or iOS Smartphone. Yes, Music Identifier app or Song Identifier app can identify very easily.

If you have the one, you can easily identify the song or the music through various music identifiers or song recognition apps available for the Android and iOS devices. There are many top music identification apps available in the play store for the music lovers.

Music Identifier

6 Song Music Identifier app to know what song is this

Here we have come up with few such top music identifiers which can help you identify the songs and about the complete details of it. So, we advise the users to have a glance at those top music identifiers and pick any of them to install and identify the songs you want to it without any hassle. Check out the below-given list of music recognition apps for Android and iOS.

  1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular music identifier applications available for iOS, Android devices as well as for other platforms such as Windows, Mac, Apple Watch and Android Wear. The app has the good rating in the Google Play Store with over 100 million downloads. One of the good features of this app is that it helps you identify the song that is playing near you.

One can discover the lyrics of the song easily using this app. Users can also search for new songs, watch videos and albums etc. The song identifier feature of this app can also be used when you are not connected to the internet. You can sync this app across various devices you are using as this is a cross-platform application.

Using its feature called visual reorganization it can also identify magazines and posters too. From Shazam, you can follow artists located worldwide. Users can download the app free for their mobile and use it for identifying the songs in just a few minutes.

Users can also get the updates about albums, videos and even more and users can enjoy the lyrics and song from YouTube also. Is there an app to recognize a song? yes that is Shazam


  1. Sound Hound

Sound Hound is one of the strong competitor music identifier app along with Shazam and it is a best free music identifier app for both Android and iOS devices along with Windows PC, Apple Watch, Blackberry and Android Tablets. One can identify the songs that are being played in the surrounding areas quickly using this app.

Users can instantly know what song is that. All that you need to do for this is, just say “OK Hound…What is the song??” and in it starts identifying the song or music and you don’t even have to click on identify the songs?

Users can also search for the other methods such as singing or humming into the sound hound. Users can explore even more music and they have many options such as albums, favorite songs, new about the music and more. Users can also search for the tracks that are trending, most popular tracks for that week and they can get the playlist from their mobile too.

The app has more than 300 million downloads from across the world. Users can add and save your playlist and they can also share their favorite music album and songs to the social media via sound hound, watch videos from the website and get to know more about the songs using this app.

Sound Hound

  1. MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch has one of the best music identification features which can’t be replaced by any other apps. One can easily identify the songs and lyrics of the favorite track that is being played around you.

To say clearly it is more of a lyrics app than that of music identifier. This app allows the users to watch the lyrics of the songs which are already present in the music library of the Smartphone. The floating lyrics widget will allow the users to see the lyrics in the real time.

The translation feature of this app will help the users by translating the foreign songs that you listen and helps you to understand the lyrics as well as to learn that new language. The app is available worldwide in more than 32 languages in various countries. With the lyrics that are synced in a unique way, the users can diverse songs and music.

The app is available for the various devices such as iOS, Android, Android tablet, Windows and Windows mobile. The app is also supported by Android TV and Android Wear also and is free to download. The advanced features that this app has are equalizer and sleep timer.


  1. Music ID

This is the fastest music identification application for Android and iOS devices. The one tap feature of this app instantly identifies or recognizes the music that is playing.

The users can write down the note for each of the track that the users identify and note the location from where the song is played. The app once identifies the song it will give you the complete details of the song and its info. The users can also watch the video of that song from the YouTube.

Users can download the song that has been identified by this app from any online sites or listen to it in the online or else they can purchase that song from the app itself if they want just with a tap.

Based on the search you have made, the app will display all the relevant songs and allows the users to view the artist page. It displays all the information regarding the song like a name of the artist, lyrics, biography etc. You can also add a note of that song like why and where you have identified the song on the app itself.

  1. SpotsSearch

SpotsSearch is world’s largest music or song identification app from the list of apps given here. Using the snippet of the lyrics, the users can locate the song. The app is supported in the iOS device, free to download and works with a friendly nature.

It enables the users to find the lyrics and the information of the music that the user is searching for. Spotsearch will help the users to identify the album, artist of the song that you are listening to the TV or radio.

You just need to enter the word or a piece of that song lyric that you have listened and immediately, you will get a link to that song either on YouTube or Spotify. More than 30 million Smartphone users are said to have downloaded this amazing app for their devices.

Users can also get the daily updates of the albums, favorite singers and the information of the band once they have this app on their mobile.

From the website, the users can enjoy songs, albums as well as videos. You can also have a preview of the album or the songs and users can also launch the Pandora radio from this app. This song identifier giving identify this song also find song by tune, find a song by humming facilities so this is really best song recognizer


  1. Track ID

Track ID is also an amazing app. Last but not least, Track ID is also one of the amazing music identifier applications available for the users. The app has been developed by the Sony Mobile Communications.

In just a few seconds, the app will identify the song that is playing around you, analyzes the song you are hearing and will take you to a deep jump into any of the music. It has the capability of detecting not only the song but also the music video, artist, biography, the top charts of the app and even more.

The user interface of this app is easy for using and it is clean too. This app supports more than 60 languages. One of the good things about this app is that it does have an offline mode which captures the songs or music and identifies it for the users after they connect it to the internet they can resume the song that is recognized.

Just with a single press of the button, the users can identify the songs and they are also browsing the search history. Once the song is recognized, the users can preview the song and ensure that it matches up with the search that they have made. If the users wanted to listen to the full song they have to connect this app to the Spotify. You can get more for fun top 10 watch movies online free streaming websites 2019.

Track ID

what song is this

All these are the top music identifier apps available for various mobile and PC platforms for recognizing the songs and its info. Every app has they own unique features but with the common feature of identifying the music that the users want.

So, users pick any of these top music recognition apps and get the info of the song that you are looking for in just a few minutes. Hope, this list of apps will help you to recognize the music.

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